Thursday Dec 08

Boat Moorings


Helix anchors are being used for single point boat moorings interspersed among moorings with traditional anchors as well as in mooring fields which are 100% Helix anchors.

Falmouth, Massachusetts
125 moorings (100%) in the
Falmouth inner harbor are
secured by Helix anchors.
Oyster Pond, St Martin
35 moorings secured by Helix anchors
withstood the forces of hurricanes
Georges (1998) and Lennie (1999) with
no anchor failures.
Marion Mass
Marion, Massachusetts
Over half of the 800 moorings are
secured by Helix anchors.
Gridded mooring field
Stewart, Florida
70 moorings (100%) in this gridded
mooring field are secured by Helix
Southport, CT
Southport, Connecticut
Single Helix anchors replaced pairs of
mushroom anchors in this yacht club's
bow and stern mooring system.
Simpson Bay, St. Martin
Simpson Bay, St. Martin
The bow moorings for these
megayachts are secured by Helix